Strathmore Pass the Journal Submission Guidelines & Privacy Policy

Submission Guidelines

Artwork is to be completed across any blank page spread (2 side-by-side pages) of the journal received. Artist may not tamper with or change existing artwork created by any other artist within the journal.

We encourage free expression and wish to leave the subject matter of the artwork created at the discretion of the artist; however there is no age restriction on who can access the Pass the Journal website. Graphic depictions of sexual or violent imagery or other subject matter that is typically referred to as “for mature audiences” is prohibited.

Artist must be 18 years or older to participate in the Pass the Journal project.

Artist is to scan or photograph his/her artwork created in the journal and upload it to the Pass the Journal page. Image file must be 1000px wide x 750px tall .jpg, 72 dpi.

Artist is to complete their artwork, upload their artwork image and profile to the Pass the Journal site, and send the journal to the next artist within 2 weeks of receiving the journal. If an artist is not able to complete artwork within the given time frame, they are asked to please contact Strathmore at, or send the journal back to Strathmore at the address below so Strathmore can keep the journal circulating.

Strathmore Artist Papers
ATTN: Marketing
2525 N. Casaloma Drive
Appleton, WI 54913

After the artist completes his/her artwork and his/her artist profile on the Pass the Journal site, they are to pass the journal on to another artist that is 18 years or older to continue the circulation. Before the artist passes the journal, the next artist’s name and address is to be supplied on the artist profile creation page. This information will be kept private and is for Strathmore’s use only. It is the responsibility of the artist to mail the journal or physically hand it off to the next artist.

Artwork is to be created within the Strathmore Hardbound Mixed Media Art Journal that is received by the artist.  All other supplies needed in the creation of the artwork to be provided by the artist.

The artist grants Strathmore Artist Papers the right to display artwork on the Pass the Journal web page and in related promotional materials.  Full credit will be given to the artist each time image is featured.

The artist retains all copyrights to their artwork; however original artwork will remain in the journal and will not be returned to the artist.  While circulating, the journal remains property of Strathmore Artist Papers. Artist may not keep the journal indefinitely.

The artist understands that he/she is a voluntary contributor to this project and agrees to save and hold harmless Strathmore and its officers, employees and agents thereof from all liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or property which may arise out of voluntary contributor’s performance of services in connection with this project.

Artist understands that he/she is volunteering the creation of artwork within the journal and will not be monetarily compensated.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy is intended to give you confidence in the privacy and security of the personal information we obtain from you.

You may be asked for personal identity information such as your name, address and email address. We use personal information for our own records. Exact addresses and email addresses will not be shared publicly on the Pass the Journal site. We use your zip/postal code to track the journal on the interactive tracking map to mark an approximate location of the book. This is necessary for other to view what geographic area the journal has been in.  Exact addresses will not be displayed on the tracking map.

We collect your email address and the email address of the next artist receiving the journal in the event that we need to get in touch with you regarding the Pass the Journal project, and to provide access to privileged areas of the website. We will not share your email address publicly or with any third party.

We will only send our newsletter to your email address if you opt in on the artist profile page.

We will not disclose your personal information to any third party. Only your name, website URL, optional biography, profile avatar, and journal contribution will be displayed publicly on the Pass the Journal Site. We will not share your exact address. Your zip/postal code will be used only to display an approximate location for the journal you contributed to on the tracking map.

All security on our website is treated seriously. Where applicable, we undertake security steps on our back-end systems that store account information to protect data. However, this is not a guarantee that such data transmissions cannot be accessed, altered or deleted due to firewall or other security software failures or breaches.

Changes in this policy will be posted on our website. You are advised to check our website regularly to view our most recent privacy policy.